Interlandi Mantesso Architects

Tony Interlandi

Tony Interlandi is a founding director of Interlandi Mantesso Architects.

With particular expertise in the fields of project feasibility, yield studies, site analysis and conceptual design, Tony’s proposals are market focused and viable from the onset.

He has produced developments which have gained ready market acceptance from both the client and the public whilst achieving a high level of support in the planning and design perspective from planning authorities.

John Mantesso

John Mantesso is a founding director of Interlandi Mantesso Architects.

Having graduated from Melbourne University in 1981, John founded an architectural office which by the mid 1980’s had grown to complete substantial projects in the retail and commercial sectors.

Besides his extensive experience in a broad range of projects including residential, commercial, healthcare and retail, John excels in quality hospitality related projects throughout Victoria and across Australia.

With his long and continuing involvement in Victoria’s alpine region, John has successfully completed some of the finest snow field developments.

Robert Ficarra

Robert Ficarra, a founding director of Interlandi Mantesso Architects.

Robert graduated from Deakin University School of Architecture in 1988, and spent two years there as a part-time design tutor. 

He has eighteen years of professional experience, including six years with Tony Interlandi, prior to the formation of Interlandi Mantesso Architects.

Having worked in London and Brisbane, Robert has a broad range of architectural experience.

An active facilitator ensuring productivity is maintained at the highest level, Robert maintains a continuous relationship with major clients assuring the architectural service provided is always on schedule.