Interlandi Mantesso Architects



Calibre, 62 Wests Road, Maribyrnong

The first Stage of this new multi residential development ‘Marque’ comprises 75 apartments over six levels.

Design principles of this Wests Road residential development were initiated by a direct response to the site’s location and geography which provides views over the Maribyrnong valley and river, as well as towards the city and Port Melbourne.

The concept of the ‘vertical community’ is expressed by the division of the residential development into a series of standalone buildings, each with individuality in architectural identity yet which are woven together with denominational architectural expressions via form and materiality.

Pockets of landscaped outdoor spaces interwoven into the fabric of the buildings have been designed to promote both interaction and contemplation.

An urban village is formed and enhanced by its public spaces as well as by its buildings, and the roofscape activation of the proposal seeks to create a series of public and semi-public spaces.


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