Interlandi Mantesso Architects
IMA believes in creating environments for the celebration of living, working, & playing

Combining thirty years experience in creating and crafting environments Interlandi Mantesso Architects was founded in Melbourne in 2003.

With a portfolio across Australia covering residential and housing, hospitality, retail, offices and master-planning, we are committed to completing high quality projects on schedule and within budget. With dedication to high quality design, regardless of budget, we are placed at the forefront of the building and property industry.

Not only does a strong design aesthetic make our buildings successful, but we provide a complete architectural service - from feasibility studies and planning with the preferred tenderer to contract administration during the construction phase.

Our primary importance is our relationship with clients and industry peers in the production of buildings that are value-adding and lasting.

With our belief in sustainable environments, we are regularly appointed for work on complex, sensitive projects and sites.

Our innovative approach by which every design is tailored to the specific needs of the site and program is evident in the wide range of building types we design, the materials we use and the forms of our buildings.


ESD principles incorporated into the design need to reflect the performance criteria appropriate for the building and the aspirations of the client. The brief incorporating ESD principles, can be developed through discussions with IMA so that initiatives are appropriate, valuable, and integrated; and where suitable factored into the design and thus protected for future implementation.


At IMA, our most successful projects are achieved when we have a strong working collaboration with the client to ensure that the operational and functional objectives are met or exceeded, and the client’s aspirations are expressed in the architecture.


IMA recognises that our abilities lie in the knowledge base gained over many years from numerous projects. Key personnel are resourced to provide input into specific projects as required. IMA are able to produce high-profile signature buildings, but we understand that project has different priorities and strengths. We work closely with the client to develop a brief that accommodates their specific needs. Often, there might be various ways a scheme can successfully synthesise the myriad of functional requirements together, so we will provide the client with different options.


IMA has a reputation for assisting to obtain planning consent in difficult situations by working creatively with sensitive sites. Much of our work in Melbourne deals with areas of special planning control, including conservation areas and listed buildings. We have in-depth experience of consultations and negotiations with a wide range of statutory and advisory bodies. Given that buildings are frequently subject to financial constraints, the client’s budgetary restrictions are considered at the outset of a project. We are experienced in handling modest budgets which very often have complex briefs.